5 Emergency Plumbing Tools You Must Have in Your House

If you have a clue on what to do before contacting your emergency plumber, it is best to have some essential plumbing tools. These tools will help you to take care of the matter, before you contact a reliable plumber. If you experience plumbing faults in your home often, you need to ensure that you have the essential tools to control the situation immediately since you may experience various plumbing problems that may range from leaks to blocks. Once you have identified the problematic area, you need to identify the right tools you need to solve the problem. Here are some of them.


Clogs are a major problem experienced in toilets and the water sinks. As much as you may take care of your sinks and toilets, you will need to have a bell shaped plunger to help you remove clogs as they are annoying and will leave a foul smell, especially in the toilets. The shape of the plunger will help it get to a better position, thus allowing for better sucking. You can flush the toilet once you are sure that the clog has gone away. For the sink, just open the tap to see if the water is draining just to be sure that the clog has disappeared.


The auger is yet another plumber tools you ought to have at home, in case you are having severe clog issues with your toilet. This tool is also known as the drain snake and works well where a plunger has failed. It is used by inserting it into the toilet and down the drainage pipe before pulling it out. This is how it unclogs the toilet in severe conditions.


You need to have the two types of wrenches, if you need to execute the task promptly. They are the pipe wrench and the basin wrench. These two tools are used to loosen or fasten the pipes, especially under the sink. When you need to have your faucet repaired, you may use the basin wrench to remove and fasten the faucet so that it maintains a grasp.


The plumber tape is among the most important emergency tools you should have at home. This is because it helps to complete the work you have done, after making any necessary repairs. The tape is used especially on tight spots that are very difficult to handle. They are better used on places where there is threading on the pipes.


Pliers is a common type of tool found in most of the households or in a plumber’s toolbox. It is of great help when it comes to dealing with the pipes and screws used to fasten the water dispensers from the supply pipes. Pliers will play a great role in the home, since they help counter both simple and complex plumbing problems.

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