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Design and Build

We do design and build new houses. Our projects never take a lot of time. Our members of staff have already worked on many projects in the suburbs areas and they have done credible jobs. We also do individual or company projects. We do adapt with the formulated agendas and work with that.  Whenever you …

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Kitchen Remodeling

Hire us today to work on kitchen remodeling and repairs. It is cheaper to contract a professional plumber rather than fixing the problems yourself. The reason being that when you make renovations badly, they pipes may crack, break and make you have bigger mess than before. Maybe it is your sink, kitchen tiles, pipes or …

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Construction Management

Our Steyn Cape Town staff deal with construction management. … homes01+pix

Condo Remodeling

Whenever you need a condo remodeling service in Cape Town, chances … p1010374

Hardwood Flooring

We deal with hardwood flooring and other types of flooring. We …

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“I received a referral from a pal after my water heaters stopped working. My pal let me have their contact number. He also told me that his water heaters, which were working badly, previously, had been fitted properly. He also let me have a rough idea about their charges. After calling Steyn Water plumbers, I received great services…”


“My restaurant was all wet due to leakages from the main tank. I wondered what I would do. Every client was complaining of water on the floor. Although the water on the ground was little, it still pestered me a lot. I then called Steyn plumbers from Cape Town. They arrived immediately and now my problems are solved”


“Thanks guys, you were a caring and listening partner. I will work with you soon on my new project”

Mr. Patel

“Happy working on my new construction… Thanks now my pipes are new and working well”

Joel, Construction Consultant

Prompt Services

We always respond to our clients requests on time. Whether it is an emergency or not, expect us to solve the problem within the shortest time possible.

Friendly and professional services

We always approach every situation in a professional way. No matter the complexity, expect our friendly professionals to craft a formidable solution in no time.

Honest & Transparent

We are honest in any aspect of our work. Expect us to provide a transparent billing process together with fixed charges and not add-ons or guesstimates.

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Our main philosophy “provision of the best quality and standardized products and services to our clientele”